• Vehicle Routing Tool Concept

    UI/UX Design. Manage the entire fleet on a simple multi platform app

    Case Study


Smart vehicle routing tool. A powerful algorithm automates allocation of orders to trucks based on available number of drivers, pick up and drop locations and total working hours and breaks


Innovation to auto generate and update plans when new orders arrive or new drivers sign in.

Drivers should only focus on next item on the list leaving all complications of complex schedules to the system.

Admin personal should only focus on input orders when required. This process should also be automated by auto-feed inputs from database as they arrive.


one click to next delivery point

The whole scheduling problem solve dynamically by mathematics. Users only care for what is next in the list. Total amount of working hours, work brakes regulations, fuel consumption, pick up and delivery points sorted by the system.

Drivers only drive, data entry and schedule plan is automated.

Design Process

Users Description

Lean UX Grid

Persona Description

Lean UX Grid
RoleBusiness owner, admin, take ordersTruck driver, delivery
ResponsibilityInput orders into the system. Check validity of automatic allocation of parcels to driversCollect parcels from depot and deliver them to its respective desitinations
AsumptionsUser only cares about input data quickly.
Sporadic performance and location revision of drivers on real time
User cares of total amount of parcels to deliver and which one is next on schedule.
User trust the plan is been calculated in the most efficient way.
Implementation DeviceDesktop, Laptop, MobileMobile

Test for Sally


  1. Pull orders from database or input them manually.
  2. Confirm process of automatic allocation
  3. Check validity of generated plan
  4. After 2hs, find out locations of drivers
  5. Display list of completed tasks

Test for John


  1. Login to the system and pull delivery plan
  2. Go to pick up location
  3. Find out total number of parcels to deliver
  4. Find out first delivery location
  5. After delivered, mark as complete and go to next location