Rio Tinto

Crew & Train Scheduling Tool.
Concept – Mockup

Case Study


Rio Tinto is a large multinational mining company. In Australia, they need to transport materials from the mines to the port utilising one of the largest and most complex rail infrastructure in the world with many thousands of kilometers of desert. In order to satisfy the demand and regulations, they require a complex logistic of trains, depots, airplanes and light vehicles to transport drivers to the trains and get them back home in time and safe.


Rail planners needed a tool to cope with the extreme difficult task to coordinate all parts of the problem. They had several systems in place but not interconnected. Data couldn’t be shared easily between systems and in many situations it was faster to resolve problems manually. String diagrams were made by hand on paper and therefore plans couldn’t be recorded in a digital database.


Integrated system, centralised data, automated planning

Complex algorithms solve each part and integration of the entire planning system, providing an integrated solution that could quickly react and reschedule the entire plan in case of unexpected situations.