Geospatial project management tool
How to manage millions of tasks country wide?

Case Study


Coordinate millions of tasks for the entire construction of a fibre optic network country wide

Render is a Cloud Based Project management software for network Infrastructure rollouts.

It automates and optimises the entire rollout from a detailed design used as input


How to coordinate several millions of tasks and schedule them to fit into time and budgeted expectations?

Render needed a tool to visualise and manage all projects and its respective progression of tasks: current and in queue, blockers, jeopardies, etc. with a very broad spectrum of user cases: from high level politicians and managers to field workers. All in a simple to use web-tool.


A modular approach

A module = 1 column and fits on a mobile phone portrait orientation. They can be stacked, connected to a related module and more visualisations options can be seen by sliding vertically and horizontally. They can also take more than 1 column depending on screen size.

Information displayed is related to the user type

Render in action

User: Field Worker

Task, Details, Map, Reports

Objectives: find my assigned tasks, mark them as done or as blocked, then move on to the next task.

Field Worker User test

  1. Log in to app
  2. Identify which one is your first task to do
  3. Find task location on the map
  4. Find task details
  5. Mark as completed
  6. Move on to the next task
  7. Report an issue
  8. Undo issue report and mark as complete
  9. Find all your completed tasks for the last week
  10. Find all your issues reported for the last fortnight and solve the first 2
  11. Upload an image into one of the issues reported

Expected Time to complete test: 2 minutes